The Blanquerna-Universitat Ramon Llull Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences, the Fundació Jesuïtes Educació and the Col·legi Montserrat are organising the fourth edition of this Symposium under the slogan “The evaluation of and for the change”. The core purpose of the Symposium is to show the world those experiences that are transforming education in Barcelona, as well as their impact on the world of education. Under this view of transformation, the idea is to contribute, from our standpoint, to positioning Barcelona as the interesting and active smart city that it is, but also as one of the cities in which education is progressing the most.

As well as furthering the evaluation associated with change and innovation, participants will be able to get first-hand knowledge about relevant transformation experiences and study their applicability, as well as assess the expected impacts of such transformation. It will be also possible to visit some of the most interesting models of transformed schools in the public, private and subsidised spheres, experiences of individual schools or networks of schools at different educational levels: infant, primary or secondary/baccalaureate education.

The programme designed for this edition represents an invitation to experience the transformation as it happens; to discover the methods and to speak with the agents of change, the educational community in general, in order to pool together the most interesting ideas put into practice. In addition, spaces have been programmed so that participants belonging to schools, universities, administrations or businesses from different countries can share best practices and discuss educational change and innovation.

We hope that participants will be able to exchange experiences, learn and also develop networking that begins to weave collaborative networks to contribute together to improve the education that the world needs.


This Symposium is mainly targeted at directors and heads of studies at schools, heads of administrations and educational consortiums, university professors and researchers, and heads of foundations and companies related to educational innovation.